About the Aerie

In The Gryphons Aerie, we believe in a "Quality over quantity" approach. All new recuits start with a trial membership period to help foster close bonds of friendship and further strengthen the guild as a whole. New members are given time to settle in and adjust to the workings of the guild without having the pressure to contribute to the guild (although, participation is highly encouraged and aids in the successful trial period).

There are no character race, class, gear, or experience level requirements; membership is open to everyone. We do not judge a person's membership qualifications based on race, nationality, religion, sexuality, or gender identity. Many members of the guild are either part of, or allies of, the LGBTAIQ+ community. What truly matters is how you act and treat others.

Knowledge of, or experience in, RP (Role-Playing) is not necessary to join the guild. We will be happy to teach you if you wish to learn. If role-playing is not your style, there is no need to worry. We also enjoy exploring the PvE content together. We take great pride in helping each other. Nothing is too small or trivial whether it's a quest/mission/dungeon, company while leaving, gear to help you progress, or just general questions. Our guild chat is used to encourage bonds of friendship, as well as to provide general discussion about the game, guild, and pretty much anything you want to talk about.

We're in no hurry to get to the end game. Most of the fun is in the journey to get there. We do not encourage or teach "speed runs" or use exploits in Dungeons or Fractals of the Mists. ArenaNet has given us an amazingly rich world to explore and it would be a shame to miss any of it. Everyone is encouraged to travel through the game at their own pace so that they can enjoy it to the fullest without feeling rushed.

We believe that it is the members who make the guild, not just the leadership. The Gryphons Aerie was built by the members and for the members. We welcome any and all suggestions, comments, and other feedback that will help the guild grow stronger and continue to move forward in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

Our members are more than just names on the roster, they're family.


Our History

The Gryphons Aerie began in early 2011 in the game, Guild Wars. A small band of friends, unhappy with the group they been a part of previously, came together to start something new. Regrettably, it turned out to be a little too late to set up a solid foundation and the Aerie went dormant several months later.

Then, in late fall of 2011, we settled in a new home and began to try to build our foundations again in Age of Conan. Unfortunately, after many problems with broken patches, poor developer decisions, and an unpleasant game community overall that resulted from a server merge, we made a hard choice to close our doors in Age of Conan in fall of 2012.

When the beta for Guild Wars 2 opened up, we saw our chance to try again. We built our home on the Tarnished Coast (NA) server and have been here ever since opening day in Aug 2012. We are always working hard to create and mantain the mature, social, semi-casual PvE/RP guild we wanted to be from the start, while providing a home away from home to all who seek it.