Guild Rules

1. Be respectful to others. Blatant disrespect will not be tolerated.

2. Know that "real life" comes first.
3. You must be an active member to remain in the guild.

A. Representation:

  • We want you to wear your guild tag with pride. Therefore, we ask at least 50% Representation over the course of your journey with us. It is also expected that, when doing activities with our guild including, but not limited to dungeon runs, SPvP matches, WvW runs, RP events, etc., that you represent the Aerie.

B. Respect:

  • When representing the Aerie, you will put forth your best with anyone outside the guild. We do not tolerate trolling, disrespecting or otherwise harassing others.

C. Events:

  • Guild events are not mandatory, but some partnership with individuals is expected, regardless of whether it is in PvE, PvP, or RP content.

D. Guild Chat:

  • Our primary means of communication is always online in-game and to be used as a part of every event. Our Discord server is our primary means of detailed notifications, announcements, and event planning, and is our best way to remain in touch when we're not in game. Announcements and details of events that were posted ahead of time on Discord should also be posted on the forum with a link to the thread included on Discord.

E. Aid:

  • If someone needs help with an activity and you are resonably free and able to help (ie: not already involved in an activity yourself, not busy with something outside of game, etc.), you are expected to render some sort of reasonable aid. Examples of situations where one may be in need: if someone needs materials in Orr for a piece of equimpment and wants to go run around farming that material; if a group needs a last person for a dungeon, and you have the time to do that run; the SPvP team has an opening for a night you enjoy PvP.

F. Absences:

  • Exteneded absences should be reported (preferably before hand, if possible) in the Leave of Absence thread on the guild forums. If you know you will be absent from an event that you were scheduled to attend, it is also your responsibility to let the person running the event know that you will be absent so they can prepre accordingly.
  • An extended absence from the guild for period of 1 month without notice will result in the individual being removed from the guild; they may rejoin the guild when they return without going through the trial period.
  • In the event that the extended absence will be due to Military Deployment, this provision is waived (as long as we are notified of the deployment) and the person(s) will never be removed from the roster.

G. Afk:

  • If you're stepping away from the computer, we ask that you tell your fellows that you're doing so out of courtesy. If you anticipate not being able to answer in chat for five minutes or more, or are feeling very anti-social at the moment, switch your status from online to away. This lets us know that you aren't to be disturbed or are unable to answer during that time. We also ask that, if possible, you let us know in guild chat so your fellows don't believe you are available when you aren't. We also ask others to understand if notification simply isn't possible: children, the elderly, emergencies, etc., all take priority (see clause #2), no one expects you to willingly die in combat to say hi, and tunnel vision happens; such things can wait until you return or are more available, though we ask you to give us word as soon as is resonably possible.
  • Please be aware that our Online/Away status will not reset when logging in and must be manually changed.

H. Excessive Inactivity:

  • Understand that this is a community where people rely on one another. We are all expected to aid and interact with each other when possible. Not interacting with the Aerie Community in some form for an excessive amount of time (at least two weeks) is grounds for administrative action. Use of the Away feature for a solid period of two or more weeks without interaction with the guild is grounds for adminitrative action, as well.

4. You accept certain conditions and the decisions of moderators when using the Guild forums, in-game chat channels, and our Discord server (in both voice and text chat), on the basis of reducing overall stress and drama.

Use of the guild Discord Server:

5. This is a "safe space."
6. You must be at least 18 years of age to join.
7. All trade is free between guild members
8. You must follow ArenaNet's EULA to be accepted to and remian in the Aerie.
9. Have Fun