About the Aerie

The Gryphons Aerie started in 2011 with a small group of friends looking to create a guild that was open to all players, regardless of background. Comprised of both new and veteran MMO players, the Gryphons moved from game to game, looking for a good MMO for their goals. Guild Wars 1 fit well, but was coming to the end of its peak.

After trying on a few different MMOs, with limited success, the beta was finally announced for Guild Wars 2. This felt like destiny. A cooperative MMO that accepted everyone, encouraged players to work together, and rewarded all players for their play style?! The decision was easy!

The Gryphons Aerie was built on the Tarnished Coast (NA) server and we have been here since head-start opening day in August of 2012. We are mostly active near server reset time, but expanding that into other time zones would be a delight to see.



The leadership of The Gryphons Aerie work hard to maintain the mature, social, semi-casual PvE-focused guild with a family atmosphere that all gryphons have come to love. The guild has realized the vision of accepting all adult players, no matter what ethnicity, culture, gender-identity, sexuality, or experience level they come from or associate with. The Gryphons Aerie provides a “home away from home” for its members to enjoy. We pride ourselves on being able to work together to accomplish goals while building those close bonds of friendship.

In PvE, our emphasis is Fractal Advancement (moving our members from T1 to T4), Dungeons, and multiple meta-content (such as Dragon’s Stand), with the long-term goal of building raid teams. Our diverse group of both new and veteran players enjoy helping people who have just started in Tyria learn the game, assisting them in accomplishing all of their goals. We understand that everyone began in Tyria as an unsure, inexperienced player. We’re here to help all of our members, no matter how trivial the task may seem, from story quests to dungeons, to crafting legendaries, obtaining mounts, and more.  We have veterans available to answer questions, from beginning tips (such as how to effectively dodge attacks) to long-term goals (like how to get that gear you really want). We want everyone to enjoy this incredible game and move from that initial feeling of uncertainty to the confidence that comes with continued accomplishment and success!

We do not teach “speed runs” or use exploits to “cheat” certain areas, nor do we skip mobs that are in our path of travel, whether it’s Dungeons, Fractals, or general PvE content. ArenaNet has given us an amazingly rich world and we would like all players to enjoy every minute of it! You are allowed and encouraged to play the game at your own pace, taking in all that Tyria offers.



When it comes to our members, we believe in a “Quality over Quantity” approach.  We want our members to feel as if they belong to a supportive family. All of our applicants begin with a trial membership period. This period of 3-4 weeks allows the potential gryphon to meet with the officers, chat with members of the Gryphons Aerie, and decide if this is the right fit for both the applicant and for the guild. While participation and activity in the guild events is not required during the trial, it does give the Leadership team an indication of your expected involvement post trial and helps determine a successful or unsuccessful trial period.  If the trial period is successful, the applicant will be promoted to the next level of status and their journey will continue, while enjoying more perks.

Regarding requirements, we believe in the “Play Any Way You Want” philosophy.  We have no character race, class, gear or experience level requirements; membership is open to ALL players over the age of 18.  There is no judgement of a trial period based on race, nationality, religion, sexuality, gender-identity. We are proud to have a diverse membership, with many guild members either being a part of, or allies of, the LGBTAIQ+ community.  Your personal background does not affect your membership; what matters is how you act and treat others.  

The Gryphons Aerie is a family. Our guild is made by our members, not just our leadership. We encourage questions, suggestions and activity that will help the guild grow stronger and continue to move forward to the benefit of everyone in Guild Wars 2.

If the Gryphons Aerie sounds the kind of guild you would like to belong to, head on over to the “How To Join’ page and follow the instructions.  We look forward to meeting you!