Guild Lore

During the Krytan Wars and the rise of the White Mantle (approximately around 1080 AE), there were many people who fell victim to oppression and devastation. Driven from their homes, those lucky enough to escape the clutches of the White Mantle with their lives banded together and settled on the outskirts of the great Maguuma Jungle. Though word eventually reached the small refugee camp that the war had ended and the White Mantle scattered, the people still feared the possibility that small groups of White Mantle might find them.

Scouts were sent out into the jungle to search for a safe place to call home and many weeks passed before they returned with news. Hidden deep within the wilds some ancient ruins were discovered that fit the needs of the refugees. After a short time, the refugees were ready to move and secure their new home. The work went quickly with every able person helping to clear the ruins and in a month, the ruins were transformed into a stronghold where the people could live in safety. Whispered rumors of a hidden sanctuary, named “The Gryphon's Aerie”, which offered refuge to all who sought it spread throughout Kryta and the people began to trickle in. Some of these names are remembered through the writings of the blind ritualist, Sascha Brooks, who took up the mantle of lorekeeper for the rag-tag group.

For many years, The Aerie, as it was nicknamed, flourished. Yet, as peace took over Tyria, the stronghold's need started to wane. In time, as fewer and fewer sought refuge within the walls, the Aerie returned to the ruins it was built on. Time ticked by and eventually even the memory of it faded away. No living soul remembered the safe haven. The only clues to the history were countless rolled scrolls and thick tomes sealed away within stone tombs; waiting for a day when the Aerie would be needed once again.