Guild Lore

In an effort to find out what was going on at The Aerie while still working on reclaiming the land itself, the sisters decided to split up. Shae, along with a few trusted friends, would head to The Aerie to see what was going on, while Aria, ever the leader of the ragtag group, would stay behind and work on things from that angle.

Aria started recruiting under the banner of the Gryphon’s Aerie and posted notes around Tyria. In most places (where the Seraph could see), she had to be very cautious, but in other places, like the Black Citadel and Rata Sum, she could be more obvious. The group started doing mercenary jobs, gathering treasure, and basically trying to earn enough money to purchase The Aerie back from the Arch Exchange. Somewhere along the way though, The Aerie earned a stellar reputation by helping protect areas like the Almuten Estates and fighting off centaurs in the Harathi Hinterlands.

As its reputation grew so did the numbers of The Aerie. With its newfound popularity though, Aria took a step back and had some lieutenants take over the day to day workings of the group. Again, her status as a wanted criminal could certainly be a liability. Meanwhile, Aria waited to hear back from her sister. Shae, while younger and more reckless, never went long without sending a missive back to Aria… but months had passed.

What had happened?