Guild Lore

Aria Silverfyre and her sister, Shae, were a pair of small time thieves with a ragtag street gang they called friends. After being set up by a rival street gang in Divinity's Reach, the pair of sisters found themselves wanted by the Seraph and were forced into hiding. They headed west from Divinity’s Reach in search of a safe haven. Their travels took them all the way into the dusty wastes of the once lush Maguuma Jungle, where they came across some ruins. Realizing that it was once home to humans, they set about turning it into a place where they could be safe. The Aerie appealed to them both as a safe haven and a place full of valuable resources: spiritwood, deldrimor steel, damask, and more.

The sisters sent messages to others of their gang, inviting them to join them at their new hideout. By word of mouth, a few more people came to "The Aerie", as the sisters learned what the stronghold was once called from what they could make out on the dusty scrolls contained in the ancient walls, and were welcomed. The one problem the sisters and their friends encountered was difficulty obtaining supplies in their new hideout.

To tackle this issue, the sisters and their friends went to Lion’s Arch, meeting clandestinely with suppliers in The Undermarket of Houligan’s Route. Because of their status as wanted criminals, they could not use altogether conventional (aka legal) methods, so they used the pirates of Lion’s Arch to get the supplies they needed. Bundling everything up, the sisters and their friends set out on a caravan headed back to The Aerie. They had added quite a few to their number, with mercenaries, hunters, and scholars that were interested in what The Aerie had to offer. In several cases, the sisters had told individuals of the riches waiting at The Aerie in order to gain the supplies they needed.

Unfortunately for the sisters, their words worked up a bit higher on the food chain than they expected. After returning to Lion’s Arch to pick up the last bit of supplies, Aria received a letter from the Arch Exchange of Lion’s Arch. The Arch Exchange, although small, is the most important financial institution in Tyria. Very popular due to providing a fair inter-species trade as well as supporting the pirates of Lion's Arch, the organization had more than enough assets to secure The Aerie as their own, barring the sisters’ return. The sisters were furious, but had little recourse against such a powerful institution. Aria broke the news to their collected friends and colleagues and vowed to find a way to get The Aerie back.